ROAR Project Newsflash!

NEWS UPDATE!! 7/5/13

Having worked with the ROAR members in clubs around Renfrewshire since last Autumn Karen and her talented “Roon Ma Bit” team, actors and ROAR membership cast are now ready to perform to an audience of nearly 200 in Paisley’s Wynd Auditorium this Wednesday (8th).

Following a hard-working, hilarious weekend of rehearsals with cast (which is a mix of actors… teenagers and “more experienced”) ROAR members, staff & volunteers who have never ”treaded the boards” before!

Karen says… “It’s been a sheer joy to develop and write this script with the magic stories ROAR members have given me.  I worked with David in the first phase of visits, just chatting with everyone and we’ve been hooked ever since.  Watching the project grow and seeing what folk are getting from it is so rewarding.  Rehearsals at the weekend were fantastic & I’m excited about the production performance!”

All reports are that a very special performance piece (with laugh and cry moments) is about to be unveiled.  Well done ROAR & H-arts!!


Prior to the phase 3 rehearsal weekend and performance with the ROAR members,  ROAR management have decided to add an extra phase. Phase 2.5 is now up and running and we are again visiting the clubs and practicing the songs which will form part of the large-scale finale production.


‘Roon’ Ma Bit’

 The interactive drama project that literally… gets folk talking 

H-Arts proudly presents it’s next community project in conjunction with ROAR – ‘Reaching Older Adults in Renfrewshire’. This 4 phase project will culminate with a Project Production for family & friends at The Wynd Centre Auditorium on 8th May 2013. The production will reflect the stories and recollections of ROAR Club Members from around Renfrewshire and bring us bang up to date about their current lives and experiences of the towns. It will also bring together an intergenerational cast to encourage co-operation and participation.