Take A BoW

The “girls” of the Take A BoW group are going from strength to strength!

Their THIRD showcase “Dare To Dream” was such a roaring success that they increased from a previous one to TWO performances!  They were both SELL OUTS with delighted audiences!

Quotes included “Fantastic to see how this group of women have progressed… In writing, performance and, clearly confidence!”  // “Inspiring and thought provoking” // “I bounced from tears to laughter and back again” // “What a night!” // “Thank you for the inspiration!”

We had worked on considering our unfulfilled dreams, the barriers which have stopped us in pursuit of them, how to unblock the path and progression.

The journey through the writing process was utterly ELECTRIC and everyone in the group actually did make genuine progress through the dream-chasing mire.  Many reached those long-held dreams!  Wonderful!

We’re now heading off for a “writing” weekend in the very beautiful and inspiring Port Ban.

If you’re interested in information on joining this Bridge of Weir group – Please contact Karen on info@h-artsjunction.com .  The group size is kept small, so spaces are now genuinely very limited.