The first cast read through of Karen’s new play(s) … The trilogy – WAITING is taking place tomorrow night (Wed 28th May).  “My Perfect Place”, “The Big Squeeze” and “The End” will start it’s “in production” journey with a BANG!

“My Perfect Place” will be directed by Roy McGregor with the role of Joe being played by Aaron Mooney.  Joe’s sidekick Sarah is the only remaining role yet to be filled.

Two strangers (Sarah and Joe) meet in the perfect place they each thought was only theirs.  Their subsequent meetings, building relationship and trust reveals deep hurt and complex characters.  A drama with a twist, “My Perfect Place” unfolds through the high and low-type conversations which can go to make any of our lives.


“The Big Squeeze” is the piece Karen’s beloved and now very popular Jessie & Mary characters were originally created for.  This will be directed by Jon Cuthbertson (who was first to bring Mary to life in a caricature format).  These delightful biddies will be played by Jean McGregor (as Mary) and Elaine Wilkie as the mild mannered Jessie.

Jessie and Mary are in the waiting room of a mobile breast screening unit, which is plonked in the Asda car park.  During the wait, their outwardly comedic conversation veils the subtle undertone of the tragic, ironic (always the back) story of Jessie.


“The End” (a challenging/almost monologue piece) will be directed by Karen herself, with the role of Frankie being played by Patricia Welch and supported by Carol McLaughlin in the role of mother.

Frankie, a nurse in a long stay mental health hospital, has come home from and finished her day in work and an overtime bank shift in another unit.  Shifts she takes on to delay coming home.

Frankie cares for her elderly, infirm mother.  Our conclusions seem initially simple as we watch her prepare a “drink” which takes the length of the play to prepare.

Conversations and unfolding accusations will have us changing our minds and battling with ourselves and fellow audience members all the way to the pub.

Look out for updates of this exciting evening of one act plays premiering

12th & 13th September


Websters Theatre (Kelvinbridge, Glasgow)